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    Found this site by the news of printed Stainless.

    I joined and uploaded my first model. Its a simple ring.

    Its way to big. Not sure why. I modeled it in Solidworks and exported to an STL file.

    My model is .01 cubic in (.16387 cubic cm)
    .25" (6.35mm)
    .43" (10.92mm)
    .43" (10.92mm)

    it has .33" (8.382mm) hole through it.

    It shows up as

    H 16.1cm

    I am searching for other post but have not found any yet of other people with the same problem. I can't be the first!

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  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    To start, .01" is too small to be printed in stainless, or any material for that matter. Stainless requires 3mm (a little less than .12" I always use .12") and the smallest any material can do is 1mm (I use .04") Check out under the support tab, Materials, and it will give you all the restrictions for each material.

    As far as your problem. When you uploaded did you select inches as your units? The dimensions I'm getting on your model match the units that Shapeways gave you.

    Studying further, it appears your SolidWorks is set to mm, as 6.35 (the height I'm getting for your ring) If I take that as mm and convert to inches I get the .25" you stated.

    Studying even further I see that you had that marked out on your model :p. Just upload as mm and it'll upload as long as it doesn't catch that it is too thin to be printed.
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  3. rednecknerd
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    Thanks for the reply. I have been digging around and just found the units problem.

    The .01 in was from solidworks. It seemed small to me but I was too lazy to do the math manually.

    It worked for me when i marked the units correctly.


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  4. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    There you go, much better. Glad you got it working. Check out the material pages about lettering also, to make sure your letters come out the way you wish. Any other problems let us know and we'll get you back on track.
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    Red Neck Nerd?

    Now that is one that I havnt heard...
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    I guess that means his pocket protector supports shot gun shells :D. I'm in a similar boat, grew up around corn fields, and became an Engineer lol.
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    I am now gonna make me one of those! That's awesome.
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    make sure you post it inthe IT ARRIVED section. I wanna see this thing. Probably should do an action shot too, Coke Bottle Glasses, nerd shirt, pocket protector, slacks while shooting something