Hi From Montreal Canada!

Discussion in 'Newcomers Lounge' started by poolster, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. poolster
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    Hi Shapeways team!

    Just to say I am really impressed with this site! It's very well laid out and the the information on here is amazing! I haven't tried the customized gift tools yet, but the idea is awesome!

    I find the pricing is great too! I'm working on a small model and it's prohibitively expensive to make test samples in Canada. I just paid $250 for a sample, when it would have cost me just $21.99 with you guys! I got ripped :blush: For quotes of my model, it seems like for making over 100 pieces Is cheaper in Canada, but for smaller volumes (1 to 50 pieces), Shapeways can't be beat. I guess Canadians don't want to be bothered with the set up of smaller orders. But I think that's where the lion's share of the market lies for RP.

    I'm also guessing your business model is that you pair other people's models together to maximize what can be made on the printer beds. This way you make a profit, but pass nice savings on to you members. It's a good concept and should work with a big community!

    I think that once all the guys who do sketch-up discover Shapeways, this site will become huge! Maybe it will become the Facebook of 3D modeling?

    Great job!


  2. pete
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    Hey Poolster,

    thanks for your nice words!
    Welcome to Shapeways.

    Tell your friends about us and help growing Shapeways to become a huge community.

  3. flat_twelve
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    same here. I tried to have a print made here in Montreal. It was about tree time more expensive than Shapeways. I told them, but they could not match the price.