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  1. Sphynx
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    Hi All,

    A couple of us from GlyphCG (a new company, though we've all been around a while) have just joined the site: myself (Craig Robinson, aka Sphynx) and Steve Tyler (aka Coolhand). Some of you may have heard of us before if you've ever frequented SciFi-Meshes.com or Military-Meshes.com, where we are both Senseis (sort of instructors).

    We both do a lot of design and build work for 3D printing, especially game miniatures for third parties (the good bulk of which we can't put on here for copyright and IP reasons), but this is our first foray into producing things for ourselves.

    You can see my first to uploads at:

    http://www.shapeways.com/model/51251/montgomery_heavy_cruise r.html

    And Steve's at:

    http://www.shapeways.com/model/50794/nova_class_destroyer.ht ml

    I'll be operating under the GlyphCG shop on the site, while steve has his own under 'Coolhand'.

    This is just part of our work however, so if anyone wants to see more, and from other artists in the team, feel free to take a look at the website: http://www.glyphcg.com

    See you all around!
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  2. Sphynx
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    Just thought that I'd share these two private commissions - the Klingon B11 and D7.

    One of them is already on the site as I will be printing both off for demonstration purposes but unfortunately I can't make them available for sale for various reasons.

    Still got some hollowing to do on the other one before uploading.

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  3. Youknowwho4eva
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    I was just thinking about today, how awesome a transparent bird of prey would be.
  4. Galbot
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    That Nova destroyer is amazing. Bet you'd love one at 10" scale...in colour....with die-cast parts.