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  1. chris3d
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    Hi All,
    I just joined up. I'm amazed at the possibilites here...
    Looking forward to moving some of my work into the real world!

    If anyone needs any 3d modeling done you can see my work here:


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  2. Galbot
    Galbot New Member
    What are your rates? Keep in mind that there are a lot of top 3D artist on here who charge less than US$100 for top models and can produce them for uploading practically overnight.
    (not being rude but both artists I've used here have been amazingly professional and the rates they have offered have certainly made me want to go back again in the future. If you do animation for clients like "Gorillaz" I'm assuming your fairly highly priced?)
    Keep in mind I also know nothing about 3d animation and modelling so if I've offended you feel free to say so.