Hi, from Canada

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  1. HI guys,

    I"m from Ontario Canada.

    I build Models of Starships for a miniature game called a Sky Full of Ships. I started in CGI by getting a hold of a friend's copy of Lightwave 7.5 and doing some CGI art for the A sky Full of Ships rulebook about 7 years ago.

    I got a plug-in for LIghtwave 9 that exports .stl so i figured I'd take a shot at shapeways. I also plan to use Shapeways for 1 off items for my model building, starting with the wheels for a 1/56th WW2 French Laffly S-20 truck.


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    Welcome to you both !!!

    Feel free to ask questions and share your designs in the 'It arrived' forum.



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    @Duann , the second "member" is a spam bot :laughing:

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    Haha :laughing:

    One got to admire a place that even welcomes spammers ;)

    The smarty-pants spammers often first add the post looking like a normal message without obvious spam links, then sometime later the messages are edited and the links are added.