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  1. Corhellion
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    Got pointed to this place by another forum and was very impressed by the place!

    I work with a publishing company and we're looking into turning some of the 3d works that have been on the covers of the books into physical models.

    This'll be the 3rd place we've looked at, and it definitely seems to be the right place.

    Problem is, it seems like the models I've done need to be scaled down a bit (both in size and detail)

    This is one of the models, a battleship.


    I'll probably redo the models, as they are right now, they're too big file size wise. I'll bring down the detail.

    We'd really like to go with Shapewise, any help in getting us in the right direction would be of great help.

  2. virtox
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    Hi and welcome ! :)

    Looks promising !

    What kind of scale are the models meant for ?
    And which material are you aiming for ?

    Best pricie reduction comes from either a smaller scale or hollowing out the models.

    Should you need any help, just post it in the appropriate forum !
    [edit: ah, I see you already did, never mind ;)]
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  3. Corhellion
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    Going for fairly small models, similar in size to the ones in the Irrational Designs shop.

    I just think, and the owners of the publishing company also think, that they'd be awesome to have on hand at events and for fans to buy.