Hi from Brisbane, Australia

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    Hey, I'm Rosie from Australia. I am astounded by the amazing talent on this site. My dream for years was to have my own toy line and may have a shot at that next year. Recently, I started using molds and liquid plastics and have made hard plastic, custom base-stands for action figures but I have no idea how to use 3d programs to make my own original toys. I have ideas I'd like to bring to reality through Shapeways so if artists can PM I can pay through PAYPAL.

    I can also make a mold for your toys if your interested in experimenting in colours not available on Shapeways or using materials not available here. Now I've found Shapeways I'd probably move away from the molding process because it is time consuming and messy.

    Really happy to meet you all.
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  2. madox
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    Greetings fellow Australian :)

    Have you looked at cheap 3D scanners to scan in your sculpted creations?