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    Hi shapers,

    I'm Craig and I have been modelling in 3d for close to 20 years now but always producing products for someone elses vision. The great thing about Shapeways and the current proliferation of 3D printing is that I can now pump out the creations that have been in my head. So thats why I am here.

    I am a long time resident of Adelaide, in South Australia, but have also been fortunate to travel the world, with Egypt being one of my favourite places to date.

    I have created a shop and the first product I have dropped in there is a pyramid shaped raspberry pi case. If you check it out I'm sure you'll immediately notice that you can probably buy two "pi's" for the price of the Pyrapi, as I call it. That doesn't worry me though as I didnt want this to come across as just another pi case.

    One of the nice features in the apex of the case is that it incorporates mounts for a 40mm fan, and whilst the pi doesnt generate a lot of heat, the less heat in the case the better it will operate. There are some other non-obvious features which I can discuss if anyones interested. I would love some feedback so please let me know what think.

    I have a lot of other projects that I would love to drop into my shop, in particular some original space ship miniatures which i have been working on over the last ten years or so.

    I am a SolidWorks user and Certified Professional, but have used other high and low end 3d products to create many different types of great models. I also have a great deal of experience in the subtractive forms of Computer aided manufacturing with expertise in in MasterCAM and SolidCAM.

    If you have read this far, thanks for listening and I look forward to some feedback on my first models. If I get enough interest I will consider doing the redesign work to alLow the Pyrapi case to be printed in Sandstone, which would give that authentic look :).

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    Welcome to Shapeways! With your experience you should be able to jump right in, but let us know if you need any help any where.