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    Hello, and Happy New Year, fellow shapewayfarers!

    I'm doing this slightly backwards, having already made, gotten, and used my first printed object, met many of you fine folk at the meetup at the 3DEA pop up shop, and even opened my store on Shapeways today ;)

    BUT I've now decided to join in on the conversation on the forums, too!

    So anyway hi I'm Karolina and I live in NYC. I've been admiring 3D-printed things from near and far for some time, went to Maker Faire, etc. but as someone who primarily makes flat things (I'm a graphic and type designer) venturing into 3D has been scary but ultimately exciting. It was the opening of the Makerbot store that got my gears turning for good and thinking of my own applications for printing, and then between the Shapeways cyber Monday shipping special and the insanely simple interface in Tinkercad, I pulled the trigger on my first project, the ampersand cookie cutter, which has been great!

    For the time being I am looking to bring my lettering and typeface work into decorative objects, household items, jewelry, etc. I anticipate needing to move away from Tinkercad, perhaps to 123D Design?

    So yeah, I think that's about it. I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of the community on here :)

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  2. bartv
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    HI Karolina,

    actually, that sounds like a great way to get into Shapeways ;) Welcome, and I love your cookie cutter.

    Have fun!

  3. thekarolina
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    Thanks, Bart! :)