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    Hi guys,

    I'm pretty new to 3d designing, just doing it as a hobby. I do most of my work on Google Sketchup - any suggestions for better software?

    I've designed a ring that has a groove with a ball that can roll around freely inside (somewhat similar to TerraCotta's design: http://www.shapeways.com/model/52936/). I've had problems before where smaller parts of my design either don't print at all, or get lost in the printing. Would a ball with a diameter of 1mm print (if inclosed in the ring)?

    Also, I would like to print it in stainless steel, but would that work?

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  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    To start, depends what you mean by "better software"? A lot is possible with sketchup. There are a lot of freeware applications out there. Blender, 123D, Scuptris to name a few. You have to just find the one that works for you.

    For your ring, if the ball is entrapped that it should be fine. But, moving parts are only allowed on WSF based materials, Detail materials, and as of just recently sandstone (minimum 2mm wall on sandstone so that makes it not an option) Now if you make the ring without the ball in stainless, and find a steel ball (ball bearing or something) but make the ring so it has a long enough open area that you could slightly pry it open to get the ball in. I think that would be your best option.

    Note: TerraCotta's ring is not currently printable as is in that image
  3. afein10
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    That's weird... I had it printed late in May with no problem - have the rules changed?

    Is there a way I could print them separately and put it together like you suggested? (buying them in a pack of 100 is a little much...)
  4. Youknowwho4eva
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    Unfortunately the design rules have changed. You may be able to order the two parts in one file, but the rules say one body now. So you might want to check with service before hand. The worst that can happen is they say no.