Hey y'all total noob here!

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    First of all I've been looking at the work here and it's amazing. Fantastic service you guys are providing! I'm just hoping I can someday make something half as good as most of the models here!

    I'm totally new to Shapeways but I have some amateur knowledge of 3D software like Maya and CAD, though I haven't had access to those in a few years now. I just did a quick photoshop drawing and made a charm for my sis through one of the "easy creators". Used the letters of her name to form a vague semblance of a monkey. Nothing to brag about but hopefully that comes across...

    I'm a student living in LA now and I have several interests that shapeways can hopefully help me with. I'm playing around to see if this is a viable way to design and build miniature props and set pieces for my current job (with shipping the process seems too slow though unfortunately). I'm also an avid figure collector and I'd like to make my own custom accessories. And if I can ever attain the time and money (like that'll ever happen) to dabble in an old robotics hobby of mine I'd like to build custom frames/joints/components like a couple of my friends are doing with their personal 3D printers.

    Anyway, I guess I'll start with figure accessories just so I can personally test the quality of things I design. Any advice? I have many Transformers with 5mm peg holes for hands. If I wanted to make holdable objects, are certain software more accurate than others? I DL'd Sketchup, is it pretty precise? Also for the handles is it recommended to bevel the edges? Also I may want to make new head sculpts and some TFs have relatively "organic" faces with lots of round smooth surfaces while having harsh edged "helmets" and ball jointed necks that require precision measurment to fit together. Is there any software that's good at combining organic and geometric shapes?
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    I also do not have a 3D printer,But I know a little bit,Do one side model,I have a model not approved because one side