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    So, I found this gem of a website while looking for customized designs, and I immediately loved the website. I do a bit of art, so I try to make 3D models of things whenever I can. I fell in love with this website even more once I ordered items - and found that I didn't have to pay import! :D
    Anyway, I'm basically saying hi to everyone, and inviting everyone to have a look at a pretty basic piece I made on my first ever attempt at 3D modeling. It's a lightning bolt pendant, not too shabby for my first time if I don't say so myself! :)
    It wasn't able to print out, unfortunately, because some walls were to thin, but if anybody wants to use it then don't hesitate to take the file and alter it for whatever you like. who knows, you might just be able to make it printable! :laughing:
    So, please feel free to reply, from what I've seen of the community so far it's one I want to be a part of!
    Ryan McCafferty

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