Hey all! Dipingo here.

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  1. Dipingo
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    Why am I at Shapways:
    I came to Shapeways Because I have always wanted to make something real from the objects I design and to help others get theirs made.

    Where I am:
    My studio is in the Northeastern part of the USA, right out side of Boston, Massachusetts.

    What I do:
    After writing a short childrens' book, I want to get it publish so I thought making a couple of characters from the book to offer as rewards would be a cool idea. The objects I have had printed so far are very cool an my kids love them.

    I model assets for simulators and teach others how to use Blender. I have recently decided to to get my book finished. It is very close now to publishing and you can check it out below.

    I have been using Blender for about 5 years and I am a BFCT for about 3-4 years. If you would like to learn Blender I am on Skype as Dipingo and FaceBook as David Hickson. Drop me a line and I can help you get started.

    Come check out my work:
    Check out the my sites if you would like:
    [list type=circle]
    Shapeways: http://www.shapeways.com/shops/manican
    Short animation project. - http://www.man-i-can.com/
    Learning site for beginners - http://blenducation.org/wordpress/
    My book - http://www.oliverfae.com/
  2. bendansie
    bendansie New Member
    Greetings. Always nice to see a familiar name pop up.

    The pencil holder looks great!
  3. Dipingo
    Dipingo New Member
    Thanks Bendansie. I have been playing with this for a couple weeks trying to balance quality and cost. Not sure what materials to us yet or wall thickness. Seems the exporter from Blender doesn't handle the sizes correctly. Scales to 1000%. Have you found this to be an issue?
  4. bendansie
    bendansie New Member
    If you mean exporter from the 2.6x series I wouldn't have used it. My modelling work has been for the most part in 2.49 and Zbrush. Three programs that help in checking scale and errors, etc. afterwards are Easyfit, MeshLab and Netfabb.

    Easyfit probably being the one I use most.

    http://www.click-to-fit.de/easyfit.php?PHPSESSID=bjtypavjk&a mp;lang=en

    Windows though.