Heroclix terrain barriers

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by scipiogarling, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. scipiogarling
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    I'd love to have 3D barriers and smoke clouds to use in Heroclix (1/48 or "O" scale), but nothing good seems to be commercially available. Who would you considered making some? They don't seem as though they would be particularly difficult compared to some of the other things I see here. And I bet I'm not the only Heroclix player who'd be interested in buying them.

    Their bases would need to be 1.5 inches squares (the size of the squares on a Heroclix map) . Smoke clouds would need to be able to fit around figures because those can be used on squares occupied by characters. But the barriers could could be solid and occupy the entire 3D space.

    Based on the various characters who have the power to generate barriers in the game, likely designs include:
    ice barriers
    Green Lantern barriers (you couldn't use the GL emblem of course, but a greenish brick wall would work)
    mystic barriers
    plant-life barriers
    water barriers
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    Hi scipiogarling,

    I'd be interested in taking a look to see what's involved with this project, please can you send some more info or links via PM or email to paul@stop4stuff.com