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  1. Abstergo
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    See, I got these blue prints (Witch I did not create) and I am no good at 3D modeling. If someone could contact me and help make it, I would be happy to give you the blueprints and dimensions. Thank you alot!
    Abstergo :cool:

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  2. stonysmith
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    From :

    > Are there prohibited products?
    ... Weaponry look products are not accepted on Shapeways, neither private, nor public. Any file containing such content will be removed without further notice. We are allowed to make an exception for miniature weaponry (maximum size 10cm).

    I believe that some law in the Netherlands prevents the "export" of weapons.
  3. pfeifferstylez
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    C'mon, that's LARP stuff. ^^

    But that thing would be VERY expensive....
    Let's say it's 3cm wide and 10cm long... that would be more than $100 just for printing the casing (in WSFp), without anything inside...
  4. Abstergo
    Abstergo New Member
    Im hopeing to make it out of plastic and mabye if it works at 3X10. It will print the hole thing. I think it would be better printing it in pieces.
    Thanks for taking interest!