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    I was wondering if someone could help me with this since I have no experience making 3D models. I'm assuming it would be very simple for someone who knows what they are doing. Each one would be a 1 MM thick hollow cube with one side open so that all four of them stack together. Here are the measurements I'm looking at for each side length:

    #1- 22-23 MM
    #2- 18-19 MM
    #3 14-15 MM
    #4 10-11 MM

    Please let me know if this is something you could do. I would need all four of them as separate files. Unfortunately I don't have the funds to pay someone to do this so I was hoping to find someone who would be willing to do it for free.

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    You're welcome :)

    5 minute job

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    Thanks a ton!!! Just what I was looking for, really apprecaite it!