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  1. cormo
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    Hi! I had a mastectomy and I'd like a light weight compressible water-proof breast prosthetic. I wear a standard model symmetrical 4. The silicone models on the market are heavy and hard to swim with. They also weigh down the pocket in my swimsuit that is designed to hold prosthetics. From the videos of the compressible shapeways material, it looks like this could work. If it does, it would work for regular use as well as for swimming, since it would be huggable and comfortable to exercise with. Does anybody reading this know how to design such a thing? Since 1 out of 8 women get breast cancer, there should be a large market for a swim prosthetic.
  2. virtox
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    The Black Elasto plastic unfortunately is not water tight,
    so I'm afraid it might absorb water which would weigh it down.

    Perhaps if it were enclosed in some sort of water tight pouch it could work.


  3. cormo
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    How about if the finished prosthetic is dipped in silicone to coat it?