Help with pricing...why did such a small change raise my price so much?

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by echotransformer, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. echotransformer
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    Hey guys,

    Need some help...just a minor change in the model made a HUGE change in pricing. I have several kits based of this, so I really want to ensure I have an optimal arrangement.

    Here's the original: ml?li=my-models&key=2ec716ef3da00549951e45f60c6e7012

    And here's the oddly priced one: nal-quote4.html?key=683f78ef4ab1085c4b45def7272c6300

    From $50 to $70, what gives? If this is a layout issue, what guidelines can I follow to keep the price optimal?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. echotransformer
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  3. stannum
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    Probably the density based discount. In Strong & Flexible, you pay full price for the first 20 cm3, and then half, IF the density is above 10%. So if your model is 30 cm3, you would pay as 25, if the bounding box is 300 cm3 or less.

    If it behaves weirdly in some cases, blame the long standing issues about pricing code having a bug (it was reported loooooong ago), people had to do some tricks like adding "filler" items to get the thing behaving.
  4. echotransformer
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    Thanks Stannum! Indeed that's the I have a new design target to get the pricing lower...much appreciated.