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    I'm attempting to make a simple cube. But it's not so simple, 'cause it needs to have a different imageTexture on the top and bottom faces than it does on the sides. (Think of a square log; the sides have the bark, the top and bottom show the rings.) I've tried using individual indexedFaceSet faces, individual Rectangle2D nodes, and even 6 Box elements, each offset just a hair from the origin. I've gotten each of these approaches to display as desired in X3d-Edit and freeWRL, but ShapeWays rejects every one.

    See attached arghh.x3d, treebark.png, and treetop.png -- Any assistance or suggestions would be most welcome!

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    Attempting to open arghh.x3d in MeshLab results in an 'Opening Error: File without a geometry' and comparing the file in WordPad against another x3d file shows that your file is missing the vertex coordinates and face normals, all suggesting that whatever viewer you are using for the model has a predefined 'box' - this definition needs to be within the model file.

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