Help with Material selection for sculpture print.

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  1. Strangefate
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    I hope someone can help me a bit, first time trying to print out anything and I'm not too sure about what plastic to pick.
    The descriptions on the website are great but I still found myself scratching my head.

    The object in question is at the bottom of the post

    The print size I had in mind is around 30 cm or 12 inches tall (or less if the best suited material doesn't allow for that size) which would hopefully make the finer details less of a problem. If some fidelity is lost, well that's life, I can live with that, but I imagine it might still be tricky (?) without the right choice of material and finishing.

    I'm currently working on a base, thickening some of the cloth and closing gabs and some of the negative spaces inside the cloth to hopefully make it all less problematic.

    Any help and advice would be welcome.


  2. Dragoman
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    Pretty good rendering of the NIke in the Louvre!

    Check out the materials pages. The "Bounding box" stated there shows how large the model can be. Most materials can accomodate 30 cm size, ar at least 25 cm (10 Inches), so that is not much of a problem. Whatever material you choose, it is going to be expensive at that size (well into 3 digits, I guess). Making the body hollow should save quite a bit of money.

    Even in the cheapest material (White, strong flexible or Sandstone) the detail should come out pretty well at that size, though the surface will be rather rough. Other plastics are smoother, but more expensive.

    Look out for the minimum allowed dimensions for 'walls' and 'wires'. I suspect that the fingers and the folds of the dress could be trouble here.

  3. Strangefate
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    Hey, thanks Dragoman

    I was wondering if I should hollow some parts out, I guess it would be worth a go.
    Aside from that, I was expecting it to be pricey. I uploaded a wip version of the model a few days ago to try that part out and so far the price was less than I had expected (I was expecting to be close to 4 digits). It will be interesting to see what hollowing out can change.

    Thanks for help :)