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  1. teeframed
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    I'm using Cinema4D to make my model, and I'd like to print in full color sandstone. I understand that I need to export it as VRML and tag it with "has color". Does that just mean add "has color" to the filename?

    My main problem is this... I have C4D's units set up as cm. My entire design fits within a 4 cm cube. When I upload the file to Shapeways, it tells me my design is 100.00 x 296.00 x 368.48 cm. There must be some step that I'm missing while exporting.

    I go to File > Export > VRML 2 (.wrl) and these are my settings:
    Scale ... 1 (Centimeters)
    Format ... (checkmarked)
    Backface Culling ... (not checkmarked)
    Save Animation ... (not checkmarked)
    Textures ... Referenced

    Should I checkmark Backface Culling? Should I change the Textures to "With File" instead of "Referenced"?

    And when using a texture file, do you recommend having the file in the same exact folder as the .wrl file, or having it in the usual "tex" folder that C4D likes?

    I really appreciate any help. Thanks!
  2. virtox
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    It's been a while since I uploaded in color, but a few things:

    - vrml is always defined in meters. (judging from your info it is indeed 100 times to large? 1unit is 1cm --> upload 1 unit is 1 meter -> 100cm ?

    - there used to be a "tick" box to indicate a file has color info., currently it is automatically detected I guess.

    - files should be in one plain zip file with all files in the root directory of the file. (might need to fix references in the vrml files, it's an editable text file)

    Please correct me if my info is wrong or outdated ;)



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  3. teeframed
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    Thanks virtox! I also found the Cinema 4D tutorial which answered a couple other questions I had. Hopefully, I'll be able to order something soon.
  4. Spacetime
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    I would love to know where that tutorial is, I'm having many problems with this.

    I can't pin down exactly what I'm doing wrong
  5. SB3D
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    Top of this page > Create > Tutorials >Modeling in Cinema 4d for Shapeways _shapeways :)

    Although I am not sure that this is the only good way, uploading as a .stl has worked for me before. But I haven't printed it yet. Also scaling can be different if u don't use millimeters.

    If I follow the tutorial I first make an object, a Sweetnurbs for instance, then explode it (make it editable) and then Connect everything again.

    Problem is that the "Connect" makes dramatic changes in the mesh. I uploaded a picture here

    Anyone knows how to fix this?

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  6. ushark
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    When using the connect function, you can lower the tolerance level, making it more precise but the computer is making new connections so it's always going to have a little correcting issues once exported as a single object. I find it makes sense to do some fine tuning after connecting if you can.