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    I'm new to Shapeways and wanted to try things out, so I got a friend who knows a bit of 3D modeling to make a coin shape object with a "face" & "name" on each side.

    I was given a .obj and .jpg file, and was told that the 2 files "linked" to each other. I uploaded the file to Shapeways successfully, but only the "name" side of the coin came out. The "face" side (image on the jpg) did not show.

    After asking customer service, seems like there is no "link" in Shapeways 3D printing.

    So my question is: is there an easy way to "embed" the 'face' image onto the coin?

    Many thanks.

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  2. denali3ddesign
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    For color 3D printing, you need to convert your OBJ to VRML.

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    Hi, it is possible to print this. I did find reveal errors. The model, or in this case, each coin must be one sold object with no holes or errors. I see that each coin consists of 2 objects, the rim and the center of the coin joined together. These must be welded, or boo leaned to form one solid object. Also, if you want to put your face on the coin, you might want to work with Zbrush and the bigger the picture you use, the bette the resolution the coin will have. The picture is in black and white, thats a good thing, but the color intensity will have a lot to do with it. Here is something I did real quick for you and attached the 3d file so you can see the changes I made on one of the coins. Although id like to help you out further, this is my first attempt at this as I am learning myself. This was done in 10 minutes using zbrush but better detail can be achieved by working on a bit longer and a high resolution picture.



    This was done using the image as the models relief but you can also get this with basic sculpting using several reference images. The relief technique is a lot easier.

    Keep in mind the design rules depending on the type of material you choose to print it with. What prints well in silver might not print well in stainless steel because the design rules are not the same.

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    SG Designs: That's awesome, thank you. I'll give it a try and see if I can successfully print it.

    denali3ddesign: thanks.
  5. SGDesigns
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    No problem. Please keep in mind that the file I created is intended to be used as an example for viewing purposes only. I did not base this on any particular design rule.

    Glad I was able to help...