Help wanted with 3D printer selection (details provided)

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  1. Diterpenoid
    Diterpenoid New Member
    Hello everyone,

    I work as a laboratory assistant in motor psychology, and our main goal is to make various and numerous
    plastic stimuli for testing visuo-motor cognitive processes. For this reason, we know exactly what we would require
    from a 3D printer, and I am hoping that you guys will be able to offer valuable feedback, or at least point us
    to the right direction.

    Not looking for :

    -Anything that produces objects larger than 20x20x20 (cm)
    -Colours (indifferent)
    -Huge material range (indifferent)

    Looking for : (preferences numbered in order of importance)

    1. Quality of build (replication of an object must be identical in sizes, no inconsistencies)
    2. Non-warping
    3. We will be using force sensors inside the printer objects - a printer that can print hollow objects and close them sounds ideal
    4. Possible ease of use (the printer itself, we don't mind about the design software, that can be learnt)

    Other details :

    Budget range : 2,000-3,000 (approximately, will consider flexible deviations from that price range)
    Printer size : Desktop, or even larger (if desktop does not meet the above requirements)

    Apologies for the amount of information, but that may actually help anyone willing to aid us in our selection.
    We would also appreciate some information on what type of printer would best suit our needs (SLS, FDM etc)

    Thanks and looking forward to any replies!
  2. UniverseBecoming
    UniverseBecoming Well-Known Member
    Here is a list of most of the 3D printers available covering your price range.

    I don't see anything that fits your build envelope with the criterion of a high quality build.

    The best one on the list in my opinion is the Form 1, available in June.
  3. stannum
    stannum Well-Known Member
    Or the B9Creator or the Miicraft.
  4. Diterpenoid
    Diterpenoid New Member
    Thanks guys! The Form looks amazing indeed, rather fit for scientific stimulus creation.
    I thought the price of the resin would be horrific, but they claim that they will charge
    around $150 per liter, which is pretty affordable (for a lab at least).