help us to create 3D modelcars

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  1. janmiedema891
    janmiedema891 New Member
    Hello, we are looking for a specialist who can help us developing scale modelcars. in first instance we need surface models.
    we can supply documentation, sometimes factory drawings.
    please react a.s.a.p.

    Kind regards,
  2. dazhazit
    dazhazit New Member
    Hello, I'd like to at least give this a try. I've been retraining myself in 3d modelling for the past year and can do most things with ease now.
    Keep me in mind if nothing is happening for you.
  3. bovelt
    bovelt New Member
    Hi, friends

    Nice to meet you !

    I am very suitable for your this position. Because I draw the automotive model more than 400 sets, most of them is 1:18 or 1:43 scale .

    I can draw 100% same 3D model just base on the color picture . If you are interesting in our cooperation, just feel free to contact me , my email is I can show some my 3D file for your reference .

    Besides, my commision is very low, because I am China.

    Thanks and wait for your reply.

    Yours sinerely

  4. bovelt
    bovelt New Member
    Hi, Janet

    As I am not sure you can whether receive my private message, so tell you on the here .

    Regarding to your that ASTON Martin project, it is about 480USD.

    Thanks and wait for your reply.