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  1. brandon5653
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    hello everyone , new guy in the 3d printing world ,and while ive bought lots and lots of printed parts here and there ive always just used whatever material was cheaper and the color i wanted . If i didnt do that i went with what the suggestion of the person doing the printing told me i needed. To the point now ive got a file i downloaded for a gopro mount ,and i was gonna have it printed here ,but i dont no what material i need to print it out of . its going on the front of my multicopter so itr needs to be strong . What do yall suggest?

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  2. kaadesign
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    You are aware that the adapter is designed for M4 screws?
    The original uses M5 screws.
    The seat for the nut, however, has only 7.1mm width, - would be correspondingly only for nuts M4.

    Recommended material:
    "WSF" (White strong flexible) is lightweight & strong
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    no i wasnt aware of that the guy on thingiverse told me it would work . i need a mount like this though how would i go about making it right?
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    what about this one

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  5. kaadesign
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    The second one has 8,0mm for M5 Nut.

    If You want to use an original Screw , print the second one,- if you want less weight, take the first one.