Help Needed With Hollowing Complex Sculpt!

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  1. BlondeRen
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    Hello! 3D modeling is an exciting new world for me, I have been a clay sculptor since I was a little girl, and am now making the jump to digital 3D!

    I am 21 and about to start college, so I have absolutly no background experience yet. Everything I've done thus far is self taught and therefor pretty sloppy :laughing:

    My first model attempt is this baby dragon here:

    I want him to be rather large but my budget is no where near $6,000

    I want to hollow him out, but I think it requires expertise and software that I do not only 3D software at this time is Poser 8.

    I'm looking for either a fellow modeler who could give me a hand and be a huge help by doing this job for me or perhaps someone willing to tell me in the simplest way possible how to hollow him myself.

    Any help is incredibly appreciated :)

    Thank you so much!!

  2. guidosalimbeni
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    Hi Bloderen,

    I have a license of Zbrush 4r6 , it's a good software for digital sculpting and for your particulare case has a usefull feature to create hollow model.
    The feature I'm refering is called "Dynamesh" and the specific sub-option of Dynamesh I'm refering for your particular case is "create shell". I would suggest you to see the details of the online guide at Pixologic website. I beleive you can buy a student version , or download the trial.

    If your dragon it were a rather low poly model (not too many faces) or you can reduce the total subdivision, it may be a good idea to use a modeling sofware that will give you much more controls even if it would be a much slower technique than Dynamesh. I heard many designers are using Rhinoceros .. 3dsMax, Maya , Softimage or Modo .. the list goes ...

    Using those tools the techinique is basically the same for each of them. You would have to use in most case tools like "extrude faces" , "append polygones tool " "bridge" ... and move vertices and faces.. Again lot of controls on the final mesh and on the wall thickness measurement.

    I would suggest to see the list of tutorial here at shapeways to see what's software to use for modeling and how to make hollow model.

    Hope this helps

  3. AmLachDesigns
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    Blender is a free software package which should allow you to do what you want. You import your model to Blender and then delete some mesh faces where you want the hole or holes to be. (For Shapeways check the Material Design Guidelines for how big or numerous the holes should be.)

    Now use the Solidify modifier and specify the thickness. Apply the Modifier, save the file, export to the format of your choice and upload to SW.


    Good luck!

    [Edit: Btw if you want people to see your model from the link you gave you must make it public. Go to Edit Model, check the box and update]
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  4. BlondeRen
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    Thanks for the replies!

    I have fixed the link and the model is now public, I downloaded Blender but have hit wall after wall trying to figure it out. I can't seem to remove any of the faces, and I can't find the location of the Solidify script. I read several tutorials but they all seem to be for those who have experience with Blender.

    ZBrush is another option but I would love it if Blender could work because it's free which is really great!

    I wish I had the money to pay someone to do this for me, this is pretty complex!

    Does anyone know of some very simple tutorials that might help with Blender?

    Thanks so much! :D

    (Also: should I upload the OBJ. file so someone could give me better a analysis? Would that be of any help?)
  5. AmLachDesigns
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    Hi again,

    here is a link to some Blender tutorials but if you serach the web there are a lot more out there.

    It may be worth pointing out that your model is big, very big by Shapeways standards and even if you hollow it it will still be expensive.

    Good luck!
  6. instrumaker
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  7. Thorworx
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    As a clay sculptor, you should definitely check out Sculptris:

    It's free. Not much to learn, just open it up and start sculpting. :D
    It's incredible with a pressure-sensitive tablet.