Help needed! removing the "red wires" from my mesh in netfabb

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by hanneshu, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. hanneshu
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    Hi everyone!
    I'm stuck with One of my 3D models and need some help with fixing it for the print job.
    lets get started:
    modeled this deer in cinema 4d, and applied on my mesh an atom array to get this cool wireframe effect.
    ( after that i converted everything to a poly mesh again).
    when I now start netfabb and the auto-repair tool there, about 10 of my "wires" from my model are still red
    ( and if I upload them to stageways, they are all disappeared in the preview images)

    how can i fix my model? or, is this just a preview bug, and the wires get printed anyway?


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    JACANT Well-Known Member
    When you open the file in Netfabb and click repair. Do Not do an automatic repair. Instead look at the icons at the top. Hover over them. Pick the 'Select surfaces'. Pick a red surface on your model. Now pick the icon 'Flip selected triangles' do this for all of the red surfaces. Sometimes you may need to 'Select triangles' and flip them separately. There are more options if you right click on the model. Once finished 'Apply repair'. If you still get a red exclamation mark, you must have missed something. Go back and try again. You must now Export part as STL.
  3. hanneshu
    hanneshu New Member
    hey jacant!

    THANK you so much! it's working perfectly!!!