Help Needed On Mirroring Two Parts

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    I would like to print some N-Scale Mechs from the Mechwarrior Universe that I found done up in STL, but the developer left it to the downloader to mirror the the Right Arm and Leg from the Left Side Parts. I don't have the software or the graphic experience to do such and I was wondering is there a tutorial (and associated free to use software) where one could make the changes I need to get this Mech and others like it printed

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  2. michaelpenn
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    meshmixer does this I believe, its a free software designed to change STL files. Select the part, edit then mirror. Then you should be able to split into shells and export
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  3. Darkev3
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    Thank You!!! I will give it a try. If anything else comes to mine, Please don't hesitate to send me a note.
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    Downloaded the 3.3 version of meshmixer since the newest 3.5 did not like my laptop's windows 10 install. A few minutes of figuring the program out and I NOW have mirrored parts of the Mech. Again THANK YOU for the HELP, GREATLY Appreciated!!!