Help Needed For Simple Plastic Safety Product

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    Hi I'm a relatively new Shapeways member and have used Google SketchUp to create a fairly simple plastic design for a plastic safety product followed by converting it, uploading it, and having it accepted by Shapeways only to be rejected twice due to technical issues.

    I have a draft of the .dae files as well as the Google Sketchup files and am looking for someone to modify my designs and create an inexpensive model to prove out a concept.

    I'm hoping to patent this so it would be a work for hire.

    If you're interested in designing a simple safety product for an inexpensive plastic prototype then please reply via private message with a bit of fun stuff about yourself, your contact details, a signed copy of the work for hire agreement (attached), and a link to your Shapeways or other portfolio.

    I'll send you the information I have for you to evaluate and provide your rates. After that we figure out terms and start working together on this and hopefully several projects together.

    Thank you very much for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.



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