Help needed for a super simple cube design

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  1. lundquistas
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    Hi everyone,

    I need some basic pieces for a board game that I'm making. Essentially 4 different size cubes with one side open on the larger 3 and sized in a way that #1 fits inside #2, #2 fits into #3, & #3 fits into #4.

    I don't have any experience designing 3D images so I'd love some help with this. I have a little money I could pay someone, not much though. I'm hoping this would be pretty easy for someone who knows what they are doing.

  2. mctrivia
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    I can do this for you what dimensions do you want?
    Example shown is:
    largest cube width: 25mm
    wall thickness: 1mm
    gap: 0.5mm

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  3. lundquistas
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    Thanks! Sent you a PM with details