Help! Need to Hollow out a PLY or WRL color model

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  1. hytritium
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    Hi I am trying to hollow out and create an escape hole for a color PLY model or a color WRL(with texture maps). I have been able to do this with solid color models in the STL format but no luck with color in PLY or VRML(WRL) format which i need for a specific printer. The model has to be about 2-3mm thick and an escape hole of about 5mm.

    The model is somewhat complex as it is a scan of a METEORITE. Cool model but large. A good challenge for someone. :)

    The files can be found at... original solide WRL File -

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please private message me if you can help.

    Thank you for your time,


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  2. greensky
    greensky New Member
    Challenge accepted!

    Here is my result.

    Regards, Chris

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  3. hytritium
    hytritium New Member
    Awesome Job Chris!!!!!

    Thanks so much for your help. A real plus for forum.

    P.S. Love your Zombie Pikachu model.
  4. stophlong
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    I have a model of the inner ear which could use similar help!
    It'd be awesome to get a hollow printable version of the attached (with 2mm thick walls for sandstone).
    (Lower priority are 0.7mm wall for plastic printing).

    Shapeways has accepted the solid model, but...

    I keep getting stuck on the last stage of punching a hole in it and getting shapeways to accept it.
    Obviously keeping the colors would be great, but if I need to repaint it so be it.

    The file is the outer shell (which needs thickening and the hole).

    Thanks for considering it!


    [Edit: removed file; I figured out how to do it in Blender]
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  5. greensky
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  6. stophlong
    stophlong New Member
    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your response. The colors were added in meshlab and shapeways does seem to represent them (at least on screen; I'm waiting for my first full color sandstone to arrive...fingers crossed)

    Do you not see the colors in your software? I'll upload the x3d file in case that contains the colors.

    If not, I'd still be really happy to have a monochrome hollowed-out version that I can color later.

    I've been learning to 3D print by trial and many, many errors.



    [Edit: removed file; I figured out how to do it in Blender]
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  7. stophlong
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    Thanks for your offer to help. I kludged my way through Blender so I think I've got it now (and of course figured out in the process that I actually want to do a different size; etc.)