Help! Need Help Outlining A Ring

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    Hey there,

    I have very limited experience in 3d design, but thought this may be an easy project to start. I had my fiancé's engagement ring 3d designed and printed and I want to do the wedding ring myself. All I need to do is make a 3d model for shapeways that has rounded edges and nests against the other ring, and I have the stl file of it. Basically, I just need to outline one side of that. Could someone guide me on this? I can use any free software for it.

    I attached the STL file as a guide, and the image is the idea that I'm looking for. I'm not doing anything as complicated as that, but you can see how they wrap around each other.


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    That sounds wonderful, thank you
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    I wonder how man couples think of creating their own rings? This is great stuff