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Discussion in 'My Work In Progress' started by ckrudelux, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. ckrudelux
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    Just uploaded my first model. I was thinking of get it printed in stainless steel.. but I fear that this is to small cause of the mechanical structure of it. Anyone with experience that knows if this will work in this material or if I should choose a different one?
  2. AmLachDesigns
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    If your bracelet is like a watch bracelet with connected links you should be aware that you will not be able to print it in any of the metals at Shapeways.

    If you want to print in wsf you will need a clearance between parts of 0.5 mm. Check out the Materials info for the other plastics.
  3. ckrudelux
    ckrudelux New Member
    Okay then I know :)
  4. UniverseBecoming
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    AmLachDesigns wrote that exactly like I would have wrote it. However, you can print this in Shapeways metals. The thing is though, and the reason we wouldn't mention it is it is outrageously expensive. It's outrageously expensive because you would need to print each part individually, which means you would have to pay a Handling Fee for each part.

    The other reason we wouldn't mention it is because the appearance of your design looks like you want to print it in situ, which is possible in most of Shapeways' plastics as stated by AmLachDesigns. In situ means it looks like you want to print all the moving parts interconnected as one fully functional item right out of the printer, yet this is not possible with Shapeways' metals, as stated. There is a way to do it though, but you would have to change the design significantly and that is to add sprues to all of the parts and make it all one part. You would then cut the sprues away after receiving it from Shapeways.

    We would need to be able to download your design in order to tell you for sure what would be needed for printing in Shapeways' metals as far as the design rules go for silver and stainless steel.
  5. ckrudelux
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    Very detailed answer, kind of got that moving parts wasn't something that was possible with my design in the first answer. But this really makes it crystal, have no doubt that plastic will work. Will be interesting to see how it turns out anyway, some time after the 14th I will get the answer. Even if it's not stainless steel it could probably look good in plastic as well.

    I don't have too high hopes since this is the first thing I ever made on shapeways.
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  6. UniverseBecoming
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    I am impressed that this is your first. Great job! :eek:

    Yeah, I will sometimes order in a plastic just to see how it will look in real life, proportions wise, before ordering in a metal. :)
  7. ckrudelux
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    Thank you :)
    Made it with Sketchup and have some years with it but never designed something that suppose to be made. Also working on this scale Sketchup do really suck cause it can't handle the math unless you scale it up. So I'm surprised that the model didn't break when I scaled it down to the real size.

    This is suppose to be a gift to a very special friend, so I really only got one shot at this. So I hope I'm lucky with the result but I'm probably not. But hey it's the thought that counts and it also generated this opportunity to try out Shapeways. So this is a win no matter what.