Help joining small helicopter blades

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  1. jasolo
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    I need advice to join several small helicopter blades with sprues or a better method. The attached image shows the shape and size of each unit and the old method using a "jail" (in red) before Shapeways said that it was inadequate for the Detail material (printing failures, cleaning problems). Joining between 10 to 24 blades using Detail material is the objective.
    Maybe making a grid joining the blades tips could be the solution?


  2. GWMT
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  3. BillBedford
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    It seems to me that this is exactly the sort of situation were you need to talk to the guys who are running the machines. So that you can work out a solution that causes them least problems and doesn't compromise your design too much.
    I would agree with you that the tips of the blades should spued together. I would suggest 1.5 or 2mm vertical wires joined to the tips of each blade by a thinner wire, 0.8 or 1mm should be OK. This should keep the stack stable while it is being processed.
  4. jasolo
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    GWMT: I would like to avoid special tools for the post-processing. They are for a lego-like game community, so cutters and scissors are the tools in mind. Anyway the flaring shape is a good idea.

    I haven't mentioned that the blades once mounted are seen from the top, so it's better to put the sprues below, at the tips or at the central pivot.

    BillBedford: I see, but the extra vertical wires maybe should be joined between them for more stability?

    After your ideas, I'm thinking on blades inverted between them so sprues would be on the "hidden" side, but I don't have very clear the final disposition, perhaps as planes of blades with each plane with blades joined at the tips.
  5. BillBedford
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    You can, but there is always the danger that when this extra sprue is cut, it will distort enough to damage the blades

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