help joining shells (free earrings to the one who fixes it!)

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  1. Hi! I have this model for Flying Rainbow Lasagne earrings, but shapeways has rejected it for having 8 separate shells that need to be joined. revised-reduced-2cm.html?key=cf6087699e93a7ec90a6795f389ce2b 5
    Does anyone know how to join the shells?
    What program?
    What function?

    I would also greatly appreciate any help or expertise at cleaning up this model for printing. If you download the file and fix it so I can successfully print it, I will send you a free pair of earrings as a thank you!

    many thanks, Aurora

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  2. Fredd
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    This site will join the shells for you free, As for the model I believe the minimum wall thickness might get it rejected, depending on the material. By the way, what size is it to be printed at, and the material you will print it with?
    JACANT Well-Known Member
    Just my interpretation. STL file sent by PM.
    lasagne earrings.png
  4. Thanks for the Netfabb link, I'll try it out!

    I had to rethicken the walls several times to this point, where it seems they are thick enough. I plan to print them in white strong flexible or ultra detail, then paint with rainbows. Earrings are about an inch tall.