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  1. student2010
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    im currently working on an assignment for uni in which i need to perform 3 operations on an existing building to create a unique architecture.

    i am trying to bend the object i currently have to take it from a rectangle shape to a half ring shape, just curve it

    whenever i try to use the bend modifier in either max or rhino, the object doesn't bend cleanly, it gets all distorted and i cant figure out how to avoid this

    any help would be great

    thank you!
  2. virtox
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    If your mesh doesn't bend cleanly, you probably need to refine the mesh.
    Use tesselate or turbosmooth (tick separate by smoothing groups).


    What is it with the CAPS TOPICS THESE DAYS ?
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  3. student2010
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    sorry for the caps
    although they are indicative of how im feeling right now

    i smoothed it in rhino however when i did that it distorted the form anyway
  4. virtox
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    Not familiar with Rhino, but I guess it smooths over the whole surface -> deformation.

    Try max - > tesselate on the largest/longest faces.
    Or set up proper smoothing groups and turbosmooth modifier with the seperate by smoothing groups option.