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    I've been an artist for 30 years using traditional media, now I'm looking seriously into the possibilities of using 3d printing. Since I'm somewhat a control freak when it comes to my own processes, I've started by building my own reprap and now a larger modified version. Of course there are a lot of factors involved and I may have to relinquish some of this control and work with a company like Shapeways. That's why I'm here.
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    Welcome! What kind of stuff have you been printing? Any links to your work?
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    Hello Moderator:

    I don't have anything serious printed yet. Only exploring the technology to see what can be done. I have a blog www.reprap-art.blogspot.com where I am documenting my progress. There is a link on this where my website portfolio of other work can be reached, but nothing related to what I plan to print.
    I'm amazed at the work that others have created with your service. It's all very exciting.