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  1. distance880
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    My name is Benjamin. Im from Portland, Oregon.

    I am a self taught 3d designer.

    I use a variety of software.

    -Cinema 4d, basic modeling, concepts, architecture.
    -Zbrush, advanced modeling and 3d sculpting. Good for organic structures, facial and muscular masses.
    -3dstudio max, I find it to be a little archaic, but still good for certain types of exporting, i.e. collada.
    -Photoshop, may not seem necessary, but very useful for making 3d sculpting brushes and other post production works.

    I have primarily worked on several indie video game development projects. My latest involvement is with http://www.forceofarms.com

    I am here mostly to gather information about the process, costs, and fidelity of the final result versus the initial concept with respect to the individual materials available.

    Our force of arms project is not only a video game at this point. It has mushroomed into a planned CCG and now because of this website, it may have features of a table top miniatures game.

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    Hi distance880,

    Welcome! Love to see some of your models!