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  1. Andrea_Tarabella
    Andrea_Tarabella New Member
    Hello :)
    I'm Andrea, i love to drawing and 3dSculpting.
    I am italian, so, my english is not so good ;)

    The last year,me and my girlfriend decided to project a Table Game, something like a tactic rpg.
    We designed character, rules, places, monsters, but one day, we tryed to make the character in a 2d software and printing them in something like little rectangular paper, but that doesn't work.
    Now thanks to shapeways we are producing the characters in 3d with Zbrush, and some characters just arrived some days ago, we started to play for test the rules and all go Ok :)

    this is my gallery, i accept critique, please leave some of them if you want :)


  2. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team

    Wonderful models. What software do you use? When can we see the ones you received in the "It Arrived" section?
  3. Andrea_Tarabella
    Andrea_Tarabella New Member
    Thank you Youknowwho :)
    I bought a license of Zbrush one or two years ago, i use that software (some times with the zbrush export, shapeways make a preview image from the bottom :( )

    So, now i am in Piemonte for some days, i live in the island of Sicily, when i go back to home i can do some decent photos... it's hard for me to do it with a model of , 3,5/ 4 cm :(

    I did and order for the Army of Morr
    http://www.shapeways.com/model/307689/army_of_morrs.html?gid =rg

    ...i hope that that horrible green evil little creature arrive to my home soon :)