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  1. cbailey107
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    I was looking for information on 3D printing and 3D printers then I came upon this site. I was pleased that i could upload one of my creations and get a price to get it printed, much less than buying my own.
    I use Poser Pro 2012 for all of my 3D work and will add more of my work later.

    I have a question about the one i have uploaded so here goes. The size of the creation is listed as being very very small. Less than an inch in height. How can i change the over all dimensions of the figure? Or am i seeing this incorrectly?
  2. mkroeker
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    Probably an inch/centimeter unit confusion somewhere - for some formats, where the unit is not specified in the file,
    you will be asked during upload. For others, it may happen that your software exports in a different base unit than what
    you expected, but the dimensions stated on the model page are always correct in the sense that the actual printed piece
    will be the exact same size.
    Work out the required scale factor, scale your model in your software and re-upload...
  3. Fredd
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    The program you use to export your model can cause odd final print sizes with setting Unit measurement on uploads. I know SW handles .dae files well, it reads unit scene data. LW's object files do not contain scene data.It uses Real world data, so it you set unit measurements to inches, or whatever, you still need to set unit measurements at upload to meters. Then to add more weirdness, Sketchup for small sized models, if you use cm or mm dimensions, you have to set Unit measurements at upload to inch!!
    We can help more if you add in a post the modelling program you use,an attachment of a basic model in the format you prefer,then the dimensions you are wanting it printed at. We have all gone through the horrors of determining scaling/proper upload unit measurement.That info will save you tons of time, which most of us have already gone through.