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  1. tepperi
    tepperi New Member

    I am design engineer at the german aerospace center and I am just designing for 3D printing what I would like to have, or what I think could be nice for someone else :) I already uploaded some files and ordered some of them, as they are delivered I will upload some photos :)

    I'm looking forward to getting inspired by you and hopefully I can inspire you, too.

    Best wishes from Germany ;)

  2. tepperi
    tepperi New Member
    What I forgot: you can contact me at Twitter, too, I am @QuickFish1 :)
  3. bartv
    bartv New Member
    Welcome! There's no shortage of inspiration here :) What kind of designs are you thinking of making?
  4. tepperi
    tepperi New Member
    I was thinking of toys, decorations, candle holders, maybe figurines or miniatures :)