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    Welcome, Unless the ribbon on your gift is 3mm thick I don't think it'll work for stainless, and it looks like the ring isn't attached? Stainless has to be one piece. Neat idea though. I like the other piece, as long as it's 3mm thick it should be ok to print.
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    its cool that your an old shapy!, i wish i knew how to get the system in other words how do you get the file to make a cration? i am a rookie i dont even have any models!
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I was actually pretty skeptical whether those details aren't too small for the print. The whole mesh is a solid piece, in the sense it has a continuous surface, but I guess I should remodel that geometry so it's more like a relief. The little ring on top is obviously a separate object, so do I understand correctly that will not work for stainless?

    Good thing I can update the model.

    At the bottom of the page you've got something like 'upload model'. I'v been a 3d artist for a long time so I use 3ds Max for modeling, but I'm not sure what you could use if you're not a pro and you don't want to pay a couple of thousand dollars for software ... Blender is free, but isn't that easy to learn. I'm sure there are some free simple apps for some solid modeling. And I would guess you might find some answers here, on the boards.
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    Thanks for trying to help me out here, I got stressed out looking for something free and easy for building scratch made things :D want to be buddies @ HYPERFORM?
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    Yes, stainless pieces have to be one piece now. It used to be you could have moving parts, but that changed some time ago. They are just too fragile in the green phase.