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    My name is Henry, I am interior and furniture designer actually from London, originally from Slovakia.

    I found an interview with Shapeways CEO and Founder Peter Weijmarshausen on designmilk. Actually I am trying to do one off models of my chairs. Well, for first models for studying ergonomics and details. I need to study about materials used for 3d modeling, especially if I can use as a final model for testing mechanical strength.
    For modeling I started to use Rhino. I used a few polygon mesh modellers but it is not useful for final models.
    If anyone of you have an experience with furniture modeling and 3d printing, I would be happy if you will contact me.

    Please have a look at my portfolio:


  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    Welcome Henry,

    I've seen some furniture designs here on shapeways, but I haven't seen much in the form of a final product. The material cost is pretty high for large objects. I have seen furniture printed though, you may want to google 3D printed furniture. And use their designs to get inspiration for starting the furniture trend here.