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    I am new to Shapeways, although I have known about it for a while.

    And since I am back in school (at a rather late age - I'll be 50 by the time I get my degrees - two of them), I am trying to incorporate as much 3D design and 3D printing into my studies as I can (hard to do with a Cognitive Science degree, less difficult with the Cybernetics degree - I'm at UCLA).

    So, it seemed natural that I join Shapeways and try to get some of the 3D models I have created produced.

    If anyone can tell me which Apps are best for Shapeways, and if the models produced here can be used as production masters for white-metal casting... I'd appreciate it.

    I currently know AutoCAD pretty well, but have been told there are better Applications for 3D printing.

    I have been learning Mudbox and Maya as well, but they seem to be more geared for Video and Film.

    I hope the file I attached is visible. It is an example of something I want to produce as a miniature, for gaming.

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