Hello. Looking for advise.

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    Hello everyone,

    My names is Jason last name is Frick. I live in Arizona but i'm originally from Michigan.

    I have a career in marine aquarium sales and technology. (I sell aquarium equipment and supplies through a wholesale outfit. ) While years of dealing with aquarium equipment i have developed some ideas of my own. Specifically in filtration. That's what brings me here. I have been searching for my first printer, but there are some many choices I don't know where to begin.

    I am not sure but this forum looked like a fairly neutral place, no sponsorship to one printer or owned by one certain brand.. So I thought i might be able to get a good opinion, rather than be subjected to which model. of only one brand.

    I have some experience with Google Sketch Up. That is as far as my software experience goes. Any suggestions would be appreciated?

    I need to buy my first printer. Here's what i would like for advise;
    Easy to put together and use. dah.
    A good sized printing platform (200mm x 200mm x 150mm) (8"x 8"x 6") or bigger.
    Software rundown. What should i learn to use that might be the most universal and useful to me?
    Resolution.? I got know idea. When it come to micron i think particles that need to be filtered out of water. LOL Any analogies or references would be helpful.
    II want to build prototypes with a 3D printer for now. So i think i only need one printer head.

    Thanks in advance.