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  1. Hi everyone. I've purchased a few models in the past but now I would like to find someone to model some ships for me. However i'd like to find out from those who have done so how the process is like? How much does it cost to have something modeled for me? Is it based on size, difficulty? The ships I want already have 3d models (from games) would that factor into the price? Any and all info/tips will be welcome here.
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    First of all: which kind of ships are you referring to? Real ships, starships? Warships, yachts, ecc? That would be helpful. I make ship model kits, and it is a laborious process. It's quite straightforward if you're good at modelling and know the field, but it takes a lot of time. Usually 3-4 weeks for a mid-sized kit. As far as cost is concerned, very much depends on the scale and the kind of model you want, so that can vary wildly. Usually having 3d models from games can be sort of useful if you're modelling something specific, but generally they are useless because they are of low quality and cannot be used directly for 3D printing.

    For any other info you can PM me.

  3. Thanks pm on its way!
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    In one way of looking at it, the scale doesn't matter, It's the number and quality of details that add time to the drawing process. As you get smaller and smaller, the quality of the details has to suffer due to the limitations of the printer, but for items that have details (rope, turrets, etc) that are larger than the minimum thickness, it's more about how many detail elements you add.
  5. I'm interested in a solid miniature made in smooth or smoothest fine detail plastic.

    I'm trying to have a 10-12 cm long model of the Asuran Origin class from the Sins of a Solar Empire game modification called Stargate Invasion. https://www.moddb.com/mods/stargate-invasion/images/asuran-capital-support-ship-origin#imagebox

    I want a 10-12 cm Battlestar Minerva, Battlestar Artemis and an Atlas carrier from Battlestar Galactica Deadlock.

    So far I'm interested in any input. I've supplied reference material below.

    The atlas and the origin are the most important to me as they are the core of my stargate and battlestar galactica rpgs.

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