Hello, greetings from sunny italy ^_^

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    My name is Alessio, and i'm an hobbist from Italy.
    I like modelling (by hand and also with blender) and i'm a former 3D professional (since the times of the pre-historic 3D Studio 4.0 :laughing: ).

    I usually use Super Sculpey and Milliput, and now i'm into dollmaking.

    I'm trying to develop an original design, then realize a complete workflow, from 2D sketches, through 3D models, prototype model (by hand or by Shapeways!), silicone mould, resin cast and then assembly and painting (maybe closing the process with a neat package :) )

    Today i received my first batch of parts from Shapeways and i'm fascinated by the details and the quality of the service.

    This evening i'll post some good pics of the pieces delivered.

    I'll look forward to partecipate in any discussion about dolls, dollmaking and generally speaking figures and sculputures.

    I've just started, but i hope it could be a sunny&funny road to my project.

    My websites are:

    http://www.ultramini.net (collectibles and news)
    http://custom.ultramini.net (tutorials and tips, wips and designs)
    http://flickr.com/photos/alessino (my flickr account :) )
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    Ciao alessino :cool:

    Welcome. Looking forward to see some of your models!