Hello, from The Netherlands!

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  1. Underp4ntz
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    Hello Shapeways & The Shapeways Community,

    I'am Chris from The Netherlands and worked for few game & simulation development studios as 3D, 2D, GUI, Animation and GFX Designer for few years now until now since the lost my latest job.

    Since I always wanted to have my 3D Designs in reality the 3D Printing Services, Community is getting better and much cheaper in there services.

    So far I think Shapeways will be the first service wich will print some of my 3D Designs this year. Hope the quality of the product is great like I have seen on the "Arrived" Forum.

    PS. I'am still looking for Designers Job or something else which has to do with Design and Creativity in The Netherlands.

    Here is my Latest Work & Portfolio www.e-studios.eu
    Note: Not all content is on the website.


    ~ Christiaan "Chrizz" Lefering
  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    Welcome Chris,

    From your designs it looks like you'll fit well into the community. If you have any issues, let us know and we'll get you up and running. What software do you design in?

  3. Underp4ntz
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    Hey Mike,

    I'am a ex AutoCAD & Maya 3d Modeler.
    My tools of trade right now in modelling are 3ds Max & Mudbox.
    Still I'am getting back to Maya and Inventor.

    I'am going to prototype a huge Necklace Pendant which is around 8cm so I hope the 3ds Max model will be great on cheap material first before using metal!