Hello from Singapore!!

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    Hello everybody!

    I am Al from the little red dot, Singapore! I was amazed by the amount and variety of items on Shapeways and the different types of materials available for prints. I have been following Shapeway on Tumblr ever since it printed a gown (OMG) and was constantly wow-ed by its development. Hence, I decided to create an account and join the community too!

    I was attracted by the 3D printing technology a few months back and bought myself an airwolf3D self assembly kit. It's not easy to assemble and calibrate it!! But this won't stop my interest in this awesome technology. I have not started designing 3D models yet but looking at all the designs here, it will be great if I knew how to design.

    Are there any Singaporean out here? Drop a simple message to say HI!

    (Oh no, I created a few of the same post accidentally. Sorry)

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