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    From the Lagoon of Liquidspaceman...
    Hello to all! I am so glad that I "stumbled" upon the Shapeways website. I am looking at doing some prototyping and don't have all the necessary tools to accomplish what I want to do. I see that I can now have my various items produced here. It looks like everybody on the forum, is willing to help and share ideas on how to get the job done on time. I want to say thank you in advance for all the help that any of you might provide, in the future, on any of my projects! BTW, my interests lay in model trains, steampunk, and music. Stay tuned, as I hope to be creating, with your help, items in these categories. :D
    ...Liquidspaceman, over and out!
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    Welcome to the community Liquidspaceman. At first glace you seem you'll be an interesting personality mixed in lol. Look around, we have many model trains, and steampunk items already. Get some inspiration. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

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    Welcome aboard ! i too discovered a passion for steampunk contraptions - see my models
    and the recent one:

    Steampunk Charging Dock for iPhone 4

    @Mike , what's with the signature??? :laughing: